Why Silently Surviving Souls?

Silently Surviving Souls is 2 years old! I thought it was finally time I explained a little more about what it really is and why I chose the name.


When I was trying to come up with a name for this Blog and Instagram account I kept thinking about how there are people out there who are fighting those daily battles that we know nothing about, the ones that can’t be seen, the ones that are hidden in the heart. The first idea that I had that really resonated with me was Silently Suffering Souls. But when I ran it past a friend she mentioned that it sounded sad and that surviving sounded more positive. I liked that because I definitely wanted it to be something positive. And so Silently Surviving Souls was born.

Every time I hear someone say that they are suffering in silence I just think, “Bam, yes. There it is.” I really prayed and pondered about the name for this whole endeavor and didn’t decide to do it willy-nilly. I really want people to know they aren’t alone in the things they experience in this life.

Even though we each have different, unique, and specific challenges that are given to us there are things we can learn from one another. I haven’t been divorced or had to bury a child but I can resonate with some of the feelings that these souls have experienced. I have learned from their struggles and been blessed by their faith and example. And while each trial is catered to our needs, there are things that we can all relate to. Each trial of infertility or being single is different but similar thoughts and feelings are experienced across the board.

Because of blogging, I learned that I enjoy writing. I like to share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of blessing others. But this blog would not be as successful without all of the wonderful souls who have written their experience or story for it. I am so grateful for their bravery, kindness, example, and love. I have learned so much from them and from sharing some of their deepest feelings and hardest moments in life. And I have seen firsthand how their stories and experiences have blessed and helped others as well.

Am I the only one who gets the vibe that if you’re not happy all the time then you’re doing something wrong? You literally cannot always choose to be happy. I want others to know that it’s ok to struggle and have a hard time. Our trials can be downright hard and instead of acting like we have it all together or that our lives are perfect we should take them for what they are and FEEL WHAT THEY MAKE US FEEL while also learning from them and trying to do and be better because of what they put us through.

And when someone else is the one struggling, don’t overlook those struggles. Don’t rate them on a scale and think they are more or less than yours. What’s hard for me may be a total walk in the park for someone else, but hard is hard no matter what and don’t let anyone downplay that. Just be there. Just listen. Just show up. Let them experience their struggle instead of telling them, “It’ll all work out,” or, “Everything happens for a reason.” And the same goes for you, too, experience your struggle. I don’t think anything good ever comes from trying to suppress your feelings.

I have truly come to know that we have no idea what people are going through and therefore it is of utmost importance to treat everyone accordingly. I have also come to know that once you know someone’s story, it is a lot easier to love them. Maybe that’s why Heavenly Father has an “easier” time loving all of us? He sees the whole picture, He knows our whole story.

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