When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Jenna

I found Jenna through Instagram and I love the things she shares and talks about, one of those being raising a child with a disability. I especially love the analogy she shared in her story below about what it's like. She is a radiant Mother and a beautiful soul. Jenna Gines is the oldest of [...]

Feature Friday: Julie

I found Julie through watching her on a Hi-Five Live with Ganel-Lyn Condie and then was lucky enough to meet her at a launch party in May. We have become close friends since and she has been a huge blessing to me in my life, I don't know what I would do without her. Her [...]

Feature Friday: Kim C

I met Kim at a launch party back in May and have been following her on Instagram since. I also had the opportunity to hear her roundtable discussion at SALT in September. The term "boss babe" comes to mind when I think of Kim because she is so gorgeous and just read her bio. She [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Cami

Cami found me on Instagram and sent me a message saying that she was also passionate about bringing struggles to light and that if I needed a story, she had one. It breaks my heart to learn about and see children who grow up without one or both of their parents. I'm so grateful Cami [...]

How My Mental Illness Has Changed My Outlook On Life

October 3, 2012, was a Wednesday just like today. How do I know that? Because it was the last day I would be known as "Hermana Harris." The age change was announced the weekend I came home from my mission. I was shocked like everyone else, and that shock eventually turned into anger and fueled [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Alicia

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Alicia's story firsthand at the SALT LDS Retreat a couple weeks ago. I talked to her during the retreat and asked if she'd be willing to share her story and I'm so grateful she said yes because same-gender attraction needs to be talked about more. Alicia Young, the [...]

Why Silently Surviving Souls?

Silently Surviving Souls is 2 years old! I thought it was finally time I explained a little more about what it really is and why I chose the name. When I was trying to come up with a name for this Blog and Instagram account I kept thinking about how there are people out there [...]

Keep The Commandments

My oldest daughter, who is 3, is playing rec soccer and I volunteered to coach the team. This past week towards the end of her game she gave me a hug when she was supposed to be kicking the ball and almost started crying because she didn't want to play anymore. I grew up playing [...]

“Ye are the SALT of the earth…”

I cannot stop thinking about the SALT LDS Retreat I went to on Saturday, September 8, and I wanted to share some of my golden nuggets from the event. It was held at the Marriot City Center in Salt Lake City, UT and was an all day long event. We started and ended as one [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Suzie

I found Suzie through Instagram a little over a month ago and have been following her journey with her darling son, Trey. I am always amazed by parents who have kids with special needs. I'm grateful Suzie was willing to give a small glimpse into what that's like. Suzie is a simple Mom who grew [...]