Feature Friday: Colie

I felt a special connection with Colie because she too came home from her mission in Texas because of medical problems. I'm grateful for her willingness to share about that. Colie Jensen is 20-years-old and is currently a student at BYUI. She is passionate about dance, travel, and being in the moment. One of the [...]


Figuring Out How The Atonement Works… For ME

I have been engaged in a wrestle for a majority of 2018. Something has been going on inside me that has made me unsure of the life I knew. It has been a quarter-life crisis of sorts. I feel I need to mention that my testimony hasn't been at stake, it's nothing like that. The [...]

How My Mental Illness Has Changed My Outlook On Life

October 3, 2012, was a Wednesday just like today. How do I know that? Because it was the last day I would be known as "Hermana Harris." The age change was announced the weekend I came home from my mission. I was shocked like everyone else, and that shock eventually turned into anger and fueled [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Lauren

Lauren and I met at my Galentine's Day: Self-Love Event back in February. We went to dinner a few months later and were able to talk more there. She shared with me her story of coming home early, since we have that in common, and agreed to write a post too. She has become a [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Brooke

Brooke and I met at an Early Returned Missionary Group Meeting. She is the leader of the group and we attend it monthly. (These meetings are held for Davis/Weber, Salt Lake, and Utah counties. If you want more info let me know.) I've heard bits and pieces of her story as we've shared things from [...]

When Your Loved One’s Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Susan

With Mother's Day just having come and gone I asked my Mom if she'd be willing to share her side of me coming home early from my mission. I know children's struggles can be just as hard for their parents as they are for them. No one wants to watch someone they love go through [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Chase

I met Chase at the SL ERM (early returned missionary) group. It was his turn to share his story (each month members of the group take turns sharing their story of coming home early) and I was so touched by it, I shed a few tears as Chase shared his experience. Part of that was [...]

A Letter For the Struggling Missionary

Dear Elder/Sister, First, I am incredibly sorry that this is your burden to bear, especially whilst serving a mission. I just want you to know that it is OKAY to have hard days and to take time to take care of yourself. My mom always told me that I have to take care of myself [...]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Destiny

I officially met Destiny at an Early Returned Missionary Conference that she told me about via Instagram. I am so grateful she told me about it because so many blessings have already unfolded from meeting her and going to that conference. I am so glad I got to meet her. She is radiant and doing [...]

Losing Yourself to Find Yourself

I heard this song on FM 100 on a Sunday while driving to or from something and it inspired me to write this blog post. I had been looking, it's true I just didn't know I was looking for You You introduced me to me, By showing me glimpses of who I could be Yes, [...]